Quick Change Mould,
Extreme Adaptability and Speed

QCM's promise

We aim for the best

The Quick Change Moulds create all types of test specimen that are commonly used to determine key material properties such as tensile strength, izod, charpy, impact strength, flammability, shrinkage, compression and colour matching. 

Being fully compliant with all ISO or ASTM requirements for approved injection moulds means we put a strong emphasis on greater standardisation and uniformity of specimen tests. QCM makes sure that manufacturers who are operating globally can ensure that product performance is consistent wherever it is made or tested. 

With the Quick Change Mould, you can test all of your plastics. You can change the specimen that you are moulding in seconds.

Setting the standard

According to ISO and ASTM specifications

ISO (International Organization for Standardization), derived from the Greek word “ISOS,” is the largest organization in the field of standardization. It develops standards for over 167 countries, covering a wide range of technical products and production techniques. ISO’s standards ensure consistency, interoperability, and quality across various industries and sectors.
ASTM (formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials) is an international organization that develops voluntary standards for testing and materials. By establishing standardized testing methods, ASTM ensures uniform evaluation and comparison of materials. Additionally, ASTM facilitates the production of normalized test specimens using Quality Control Measures.

High up-time

With a strong foundation built on 35 years of expertise, we deliver exceptional solutions. Our system is equipped with a maintenance kit to ensure safe operation, allowing for optimum uptime. Additionally, our quick change program is specifically designed to minimize downtime, enabling seamless transitions and maximizing productivity. Rely on our experience to provide efficient and reliable solutions that keep your operations running smooth.

On your demand

The QCM system provides seamless integration of an on-demand temperature thermocouple. Additionally, you have the freedom to incorporate cavity pressure and temperature sensors, proximity switches, and shot counters as per your specific requirements. Our system is designed to adapt and accommodate your needs effectively.

Modular Mould Concept for Diverse Testing Needs

Introducing our innovative modular mould concept, available in a range of sizes from XS to XXL. This concept is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of test requirements, accommodating both low and high mould temperatures. It is compatible with various types of (thermo)plastics, compounds, as well as circular, green, or bio-based/degradable plastics. Our modular mould concept offers unparalleled adaptability to suit your specific material and testing needs.

Customized for Your Needs

The QCM System offers a range of mould sizes and product forming inserts with various options. You can configure the system and inserts to meet your exact needs. We also accommodate customer-specific configurations. Our Quick Change Mouldbase is available in different sizes, and you can choose the hole pattern to match your injection molding machine, such as Euromap, SPI, or your own design.

Enhance Performance with a Range of Coatings

Unlock the potential of your materials with our diverse range of coatings tailored for various tribology purposes. Whether you require scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, or improved demoulding, we have the ideal coating solution for you. Collaborating with renowned A-brand coating suppliers, we ensure top-quality coatings that deliver exceptional results. Experience enhanced performance and durability with our extensive coating options.

Variety of Textures

Achieve the desired surface finish with our versatile range of texture options. We offer the application of various textures on inserts and mirror plates, including automotive reference standards or individual surface grains. Tailor your product to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements, ensuring a unique and high-quality result. Experience the freedom of customization with our diverse texture offerings.

QCM is powered by Doeko & Verbi

Doeko and Verbi are collaborating closely to combine their expertise and deliver high-quality products and services together under their umbrella Brand QCM. This collaboration brings synergy, innovation, and enhanced value for all in need of high-tech injection moulds. 
Doeko was founded in 1964 and Verbi in 1984, a combined experience of almost 100 years!

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