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Optimize your test specimen preparation with QCM

QCM is used worldwide in the polymer industry. This flexible mould system is designed to comply exactly with the internationally accepted ISO and ASTM standards as also used in CAMPUSĀ®, to produce test specimens and ensure valid global comparison of material properties.

Explore the possibilities of modular molding

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Customize your Quick Change Mould

We deliver standard moulds according to ISO and ASTM specifications.
However, at Quick Change Mould we do understand that you not only want to do tests according to ISO or ASTM specifications. Perhaps you want a thicker product, a longer tensile bar or a textured surface. We have even made fully custom products for customers. If you send us your specific needs, we can probably make a ‘special’ so you can test what you need to know.

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Maintain your Quick Change Mould

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The Quick Change Mould is a durable product, with a bit of attention it can run for years. After each use you need to clean it according to instructions and store it in the box it came in. Even with good maintenance it could happen that some parts break or wear out, that is why we also supply maintenance sets. Contact us to order your maintenance set with couplings, extruder springs, handle or other parts that might need to be replaced. To save downtime and costs, you don’t need to send us the mould.

We ship the parts with a clear instruction to you and you can repair it yourself. If needed we can also do the repairs or maintenance, just ship us the mould(s) in the box it came in and we will take care of it!