Production process

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Our approach

Mainly automated production process

Since we have our production in-house and implemented extensive automation, we can deliver your product in a very short time. If your insert is standard, we will ship it within 3 weeks. For a special insert, we will ship within 6 weeks. So, order quickly!

With the QCM, you can not only test traditional plastics, but also new biobased materials. Together with QCM, we can develop new innovative plastics. Delivered on your doorstep within a matter of weeks.

Thanks to the modular approach of the QCM, you only need to purchase the “base” once. After purchasing the base, you just need to buy a new insert when you want to create a new type of sample. This is beneficial for the environment and your wallet.

Industry 4.0

In our production facility, Industry 4.0 is certainly not an unfamiliar term. We extensively utilize automation and strive to optimize all processes for maximum efficiency.


Our process is highly efficient, which allows us to deliver your products quickly and cost-effective.


In the process, we continuously strive to find the best solution. Depending on your specific requirements, we analyze how we can achieve them the best and tailor our approach accordingly.

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